Explosions in the Sky #Music Monday Week 12

March 29, 2010 — 1 Comment



Explosions in the Sky writes some of the best ambient music out there. There is nothing better for tuning out Milton in the cubicle next to yours, or to enjoy when trying to wind down at the end of a long day.

The band from Texas primarily uses three electric guitars and a drum kit to make all of their unique sounds, although they sometimes exchange a guitar for a bass.  The band probably received their biggest notoriety for writing the score for the movie Friday Night Lights, although their best work comes through in their album All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.  Many of their songs eclipse the 10-minute mark as well, making a .99 cent deal seem all the better for us as cheap consumers of music.

If you are someone who enjoys quiet time in your day, be sure to pick up an Explosions in the Sky album soon (here is an iTunes link).  As a youth pastor, I play them nearly every week at the end of our discussion to let our young people have time to pray/connect with God/think about their life.

Check it:

(PS – Just listen to the videos, don’t watch them.)

Jonathan Sigmon


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