How Big is Your Dance Floor?

March 4, 2010 — 1 Comment


“Something is wrong with me. I am stained because of my past mistakes.  I am not able to be repaired.  I am gross.  I am a sinner.”

I have a friend who had sex before she was married.  She made a bad choice one night that completely rocked her life.  Because she had heard her whole life that this was a sin unlike any other, she could not forgive herself, no matter what she tried.  In fact, it changed everything about her being.  Whenever she was interacting with other people, she always felt like she was being judged.  She began to think that everyone else around her was being fake, even when they weren’t.  She felt insecure anytime her boyfriend would go and talk to any other woman.  She was becoming a person completely different from the joyous person she had once been.

The mistake she made one night consumed her.

Her guilt was turning her into a completely different person.

You see, any guilt beyond whatever brings us to free repentance is a false guilt that usually leads to us feeling worthless.

Completely worthless.

And this is more of a hindrance to us being a light in the world than the actual wrongdoings in our past.

Because when our conviction is taken too far, it turns to guilt.  God’s love is not dependent on how good we are, how bright we are, how caring we are, or even how well we love.  God loves us because we are.

Last week at our youth gathering, we made a dance video that we showed in church.  The young people had a great time filming it and we had a phenomenal service.  When we first started filming the video, I announced, “Anyone who wants to dance, go ahead out on the dance floor and show us what you got”.

As expected, no one moved.

But I prompted them and got a couple kids to do it.  Then, a couple more kids.  Soon enough, everyone wanted to jump in and we had a great time, as well as a great video (coming soon).

The way we can conquer guilt is much the same way.  Do you realize the freedom we have in Christ? Christianity is not just a set of restrictions and a “do” and “do not” list.  What is more important to God is not our perfection, as if that were possible, but our understanding that the world rests on God’s shoulders and that God loves us despite our many flaws.

There is an old hymn I recently introduced at our church called “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”.  The modified lyrics say:

Behold the man upon the cross

My guilt upon his shoulders

It was my sin that held him there

His dying breath has brought me life

God took up our shame and our guilt with one fellow swoop with His Son.  Jesus came and died for all, that we might have life forever with him and freedom from guilt and bondage to sin (Romans 6:10).

The Bible says:

Nothing can separate us from God’s love–not life or death, not angels or spirits, not the present or the future, and not powers above or powers below. Nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love for us in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Nothing can separate us from God’s love for us.


And that is why I pose this question: “How Big Is Your Dance Floor?”  Because God wants you to experience freedom.  He wants your dance floor to be huge!

Stop beating yourself up for past sin.  God doesn’t want you to live that way.  There is freedom in Jesus.


For further exploration, watch this great story from Rob Bell:

This was one half of my discussion with our young people last night, with the other half dealing with conviction.  The notes can be downloaded for free here.  All my writings are written under the Creative Commons license, so feel free to re-make them yourself. Just leave me a shout out below if you do. 🙂

We also listened to the following song for a quiet reflection at the end of the teaching.  It may behoove you to do the same.

Jonathan Sigmon


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  1. Thanks for posting this bro! This is a great lesson, and the way you did it really illustrates the point that God loves us so truly. Considering the time of year, very appropriate. Awesome! Also, nice dance floor.

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