In a World That Doesn’t, Droid Doesn’t Really Either…

March 22, 2010 — 1 Comment

droid-vs-iphone1Ok. I posted the title of this post as a status update and got some defenses from the Droid users out there.  I make no bones about it that I think the iPhone is completely superior and that I am likely going to write in Steve Jobs for president of the U.S.A. in 2012 (that’s a joke…please don’t email me about the importance of voting in an election).

Here are 8 reasons why the iPhone is a better phone than the Droid:

1.) The iPhone has 10X as many useful apps (They are also leading the way with free applications).

2.) The iPhone has a built in iPod on your phone, which is by far the best .mp3 interface.

3.) The iPhone has a better design.

4.) The iPhone has a better touch screen.  It is much more intuitive, with features like the double-tap-to-zoom feature.

5.) The iPhone has better searches throughout the phone.  Just go to search, and it searches contacts, emails, documents, etc.

6.) The iPhone has a camera with more features, as well as better apps for quick editing of photos.

7.) The iPhone has a better navigation (GPS) system.

8.) The iPhone has a better e-reader experience, including the availability of the Kindle, with every book you want at an instant download (and ridiculously cheap or free).


What makes you Droid users excited about that phone?

Jonathan Sigmon


One response to In a World That Doesn’t, Droid Doesn’t Really Either…

  1. Here are 15 reasons why the Motorola Droid is a better phone than the iPhone 3GS:

    1. Droid has a a better camera at 5MP (with a flash) compared to iPhone’s 3MP camera.
    2. Droid has a higher resolution screen (160% more pixels) at 854×480 whereas iPhone only has a 480×320 screen.
    3. Droid’s high resolution screen is a pure Widescreen ratio for cinema style viewing and the iPhone’s ratio is not.
    4. Droid’s higher resolution screen provides clearer screen text and sharper line curves.
    5. Droid has a longer battery life of 6.4 hrs. compared to iPhone’s 5 hr.
    6. Droid can multi-task applications and iPhone cannot.
    7. Droid has more playable audio formats than the iPhone.
    8. Droid has completely free turn-by-turn voice navigation and iPhone does not.
    9. Droid lock screen has a single swipe silencer and iPhone does not.
    10. Droid’s default ringer is 30% louder than iPhone.
    11.Droid’s incoming call quality beats iPhone in call tests.
    12.Droid default contact and syncing system is better than the iPhone default.
    13.Droid Verizon doesn’t suffer from dropped-call problems like iPhone AT&T.
    14. Droid has a more efficient all-in-one notification system than iPhone.
    15. Droid will soon have full Flash 10.1 ability and the Web-crippled iPhone will not. Say hello to blue legos!

    *All features are in reference to Droid standard and iPhone 3GS.

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